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Nicola, Andrew (Parents of Sebastian) - June 2019
Testimonial 1
Sharon & Maurice Yu (Parents of Miriam, K2)

" We are heartened that she (Miriam) is not only ready for school but also has grown steadily in character, creativity and language ability, especially Chinese vocabulary (both spoken and written).

I would like to thank her dedicated teachers, Ms Ting Ting and Ms Thila for coaching Miriam and to grow her potential for a well rounded education in the "multiple intelligences", building on the good foundation she gained in Sunbird Child Development Centre.

We will definitely recommend PMI to other parents and friends for a robust, well executed and meticulously planned pre-school education."

Edith Scott, consultant and author Harvard-Radcliffe AB 1980, Harvard Law School JD 1984
(Mother of Elizabeh, K1)

" We enrolled our 4 year-old daughter in PMI five months ago and are delighted with the decision. At PMI, she is being nurtured along eight different dimensions spanning a broad range of intelligences. We find that by widening the focus of her experiences and schooling, the PMI programme has brought about a true blossoming of her intellectual curiousity and enthusiasm for learning. In addition, the opportunity to review her development with Dr. Khoo at regular intervals has been extremely valuable to me as a parent.
In my view, PMI goes well beyond the familiar child-centered approach because of its emphasis on emotional growth and character development. In addition to the academic skills sets, our child is learning new skills in friendship and self-expression, as well as concern for others and overall emotional awareness. She has learned new respect for rules of behavior and this has freed up her attention for learning.
There are too many lovely aspects of this school to convey in a short summary. I am particularly fond of the lovely interior spaces, school garden, and the consistent teaching of respect for and love of nature. The picture gallery for parents (maintained weekly as an on-line photo journal) is a  great way for parents to have an insider's peek at what happens during the school day. The excitement on the children's faces speaks for itself. "